Gen 4 Ski Doo 850 Tailstander Adjustable Weights

Gen 4 Ski Doo 850 Tailstander Adjustable Weights


*We have redesigned our tailstanders weights, our new GEN2 75G weights, will replace and are equivalent to our old 90G tailstanders.

These weights give the Gen4 Ski Doo 850stronger top end pull while reducing clutch/belt temps. Ideal for Hillclimbing and Tree Riding.

Fits all P-Drive models. Designed to work with stock springs, helix and gearing, no other changes required. 

Features PEEK Bushings for superior durability making these the longest lasing weights on the market.

15g adjustable in 1 gram increments with crazy strong neodymium magnetic disks. (9g of adjustment included, if you need more magnets they can be purchased here)

(The weight is not directly comparable to the weight of the stock clicker weights as this replaces the clicker, bolt, and all its mass. 80g might seem heavy just looking at the raw number, but you are already running that much with the stock weights.)

85g - for stock 850’s.

95g - for Turbo sleds at mid or low elevations. 

*We have redesigned our tailstanders weights, our new GEN2 75G weights, are equivalent to our old 90G tailstanders

 90g - for Turbo sleds riding 8,000ft+ and low elevation riding.

*Note: this is not a clutch kit, just weights. The notes include a starting point for 85g weights at 10,000ft. Exact clutching setups are the responsibility of the individual.*



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From Powdermuncher on Snowest Forum:

" Just got of the mountain after a weekend of testing.

4 sleds 4 different setups.

Hands down the ZRP weights win with the most consistent rpm from 2000 to 5000 feet this weekend pegged right at 8000 temperature from - 18 C to-3 C late afternoon.

The others had stock setups with weight and sea level setups with 951 arms less pin weight for elevation and mine has the SHR set up with the 968 weights. (it is the most finicky for elevation but the clickers are way more effective than on the stock setup -- go figure

If all sleds runs right on 8000 they have the most consistent performance and there is very little difference on an uphill pull in a foot and a bit of powder. The ZRP set up with the 85 GR weight and full load in the bottom and 2 grams in the middle just ran best and more consistent than any of the others. Clickers are simply not needed on that setup.
For next weekend I will try a 80 gram set up on my sled with a softer primary although by the looks of it for our elevation riding the 85 gram set up seems hard to beat."

From Summit74 on Snowest Forum:

"These weights really do bring out the beast in the 850! I have gotten quite a few rides on mine now with them. The sled pulls hard and the motor keeps asking for more weight. I'm at 87g w/ all other clutching stock, diamond S can and ride primarly 8000-10000 ft. Going to keep adding weight to get to 7900. Last ride at 9000ft constantly read 8000-8100rpm. 
2 guys I was riding with asked me what I did the the sled to get it pull so hard. They noticed that my rpms were more consistent w/ zero rpm fade. 
After I let one buddy ride my sled he was looking to snowcheck the next day."