Gen 4 SBB +1" Offset Spindle Set

Gen 4 SBB +1" Offset Spindle Set


Sold per set. Offset is +1" per side.

Easily add 2” total, 1” per side, to your ski stance on the Gen 4 Ski Doo.

The narrow 36” front end on these sleds is sometimes not the ideal setup especially for heavier and taller riders. ZRP’s +1” spindles are the easiest and most cost effective way to add stability to a Gen4 Ski Doo.

These spindles also feature ZRP’s exclusive SBB geometry.

This spindle greatly improves some of the nasty handling characteristics seen by the stock front suspension, especially in hardpack snow.

We have pulled the ski bolt back 10mm (3/8") to put it perfectly in line with upper and lower a-arms. This produces better handling in all situations and all riding conditions.

100% compatible with stock and ZRP A-Arms. Bolt on and go.

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