Gen 4 Ski Doo 850 Intake Vents/Protectors

Gen 4 Ski Doo 850 Intake Vents/Protectors

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Note: All production parts will be powder coated black.

We commissioned Fire 'n Ice to build us the best intake vent on the market for the new Gen 4 Ski Doo and they delivered!

Don't let a tree branch ruin your day of riding! This combo protector/intake keeps your weak stock intake screens from becoming damaged and ruining your day of riding.

Other kits on the market restrict your intakes, robbing your engine of needed power. The added intake area on our vents makes sure your sled always has enough air to put out maximum housepower. 


-Intake + Protectors: Four Piece set.  Includes protectors for stock intakes and additional intake vents that double the stock intake surface area.

-Protectors Only: Cover stock intake vents.This is a two piece set.

-Intake Vents Only: Add additional Intake vent area. Doubles stock intake surface area. This is a two piece set.

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