Grip n Rip - G4 Clutch Alignment Tools

Grip n Rip - G4 Clutch Alignment Tools


2017- Present Skidoo G4 Clutch Alignment Tools

Clutch alignment is very important for belt life and performance.  The standard procedure is to align the clutches with a small amount of misalignment or skew at zero load and hope when under load the motor is pulled into the correct alignment.  This procedure worked okay for years but many things have changed, sleds have more torque, motor mounts have been changed to reduce vibration and the secondary clutch is almost directly over the primary clutch pulling the motor up.  The old alignment procedure of using a standard amount of skew at zero load isn’t working well, we now have a better way to align your clutches using our new Clutch Preloader.

Grip n Rip Clutch Preloader places a load between the clutches to simulate where your clutches are positioned in different riding conditions.  This allows you to measure clutch alignment under a simulated load to see what your actual alignment is.  What you will find is that your clutches are not in alignment under load.  This is one of the reasons you are getting so much heat and blowing belts.  With this information you can shim the motor mounts to improve alignment, reduce heat, slippage and increase performance.   

Check out the installation instructions for more information.

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