XM 174" ZMotion + Rail Brace

XM 174" ZMotion + Rail Brace


Fits 2015-2016 174" Models Only


Offsetting the rear arm on XM & Gen 4 sleds is a popular mod that adds numerous benefits especially when hillclimbing.  

Our riders testing this product have been able to let their limiter strap out to the stock position, enough to gain nearly 1" of additional front shock travel while maintaining ski pressure, which is a huge advantage in all riding situations!

The ZMotion rear scissor is superior to just simply moving your stock scissor back because it maintains proper geometry of your suspension components relative to each other.
What that means is your sled will work and ride better in all conditions.

And for those that are conscious of every gram, the ZMotion link is also 40g lighter than stock.

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