Rotating Performance Package

Rotating Performance Package

from 395.00

Drop 1.5lb of rotating mass from your belt drive Polaris RMK!

This kit will massively improve throttle response.  Ideal for hillclimbing, drag racing, and tree riding.

Kit includes the following premium products:

  • LW Billet Clutch Cover (Solid)

  • Titanium Clutch Cover Bolts

  • Titanium Clutch Weight Pins

  • LW Billet Recoil Pulley (800 engine only)

  • LW Flywheel Recoil Bolts ( 6 bolts for 800, 4 for 850 )

  • Brake Disk Machining or New Replacement Disk ( If selected)

  • Hardened Clutch Shim

*Save 5% over purchasing all parts individually.*


All Polaris Models from 2005-current (except brake disk option)(RMK, INDY, Switchback, Rush, etc.)

Brake Disk option is only available for 2013-current Quick Drive equipped models (600, 800 & 850 motors) (2013-2015 Pro RMK & 2016+ AXYS 800 & 850 RMK)


Brake Disk:
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Rotating Performance Package