X3 Double Shear Rear Knuckle - ZRP Desert Series

X3 Double Shear Rear Knuckle - ZRP Desert Series

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*Limited quantities may be available leading up to King of Hammers. Order now to insure delivery.*

Here is the ultimate fix to middle radius rod/ rear knuckle problem on the Cam Am X3.

We have built an all billet rear knuckle that puts the middle radius rod in double shear and if that wasn't enough we added an ARP bolt for ultimate strength. We eliminated stress risers and added cross section in all the right spots to make this part truly race worthy. 

Made from high quality, USA made, 6061 Aluminum. Limited Quantities will be available.

Includes uniball bearings and spacers. Uses stock wheel bearing, which is not included.


*FIts: HCR trailing arms and brand newStock Trailing Arms. It may fit other arms but these are the only ones we have confirmed.The stock trailing arms are weak and bend often. If your stock arms hit our knuckle, your trailing arms are bent.*

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